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FXME is a forex guide that will provide it's visitors with information about forex trading online including strategy, trends, discussion board and other incite to better help those looking to trade forex online do so with the best set of tools and knowledge.

Being that forex trading has become so popular over the past decade online there has been a plethora of of online forex brokers for traders to utilize in trading forex on the internet. Some are more reputable and well capitalized that others so it's good to know which to work with regardless of whether you're new or experienced at trading forex online. It is our intent here at FXME to provide detailed reviews of the top brokers to utilize and to allow visitors with experience with these brokers to post reviews and comments. In doing so we aim to better help our readers decide where they get the most bang for buck, can place the safest and quickest trades and achieve success as much as possible when trading in currencies online.

As this website is currently under constructions we'd like to provide some great resources which we've listed below in the meantime until such time that our website is fully operational and ready to service our readers as best we can.

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